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Hello SWFTT tennis nuts! We’re back and “it’s great being us”!

Captain Ron Mishko

What a day for playing tennis. The weather was perfect, the courts we’re groomed (how did we get Lighthouse Captain Mishko to do our work?), and no one was hurt (with some ego exceptions).

The Landings hosted the great guys from Lighthouse Bay. Even though Lighthouse took the win 3-1, we all enjoyed our day in the sun.

Beachview hosted CCRC to a day on the island of Sanibel. Beachview won all 4 courts but 3 were pretty close matches, with one going to a third set tie break.

Pelican Landing hosted Plantation to a day at the club in Bonita. Plantation won all 4 courts and Captain Engelhard will be glad when the tournaments are over and he has his full roster back in play.

Today’s match was match number 9 out of 21 for the year. We’re closing in on half of the season even though it seems like we just started. I know I share the same thoughts of not looking forward to the end of the season. Thanks to all for the great effort and kindness of making SWFTT a success.

Have fun, play tennis and remember, “It’s great being us”!


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Match # 6

Welcome back SWFTT players! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or Holiday of your choice, and all will have a “Happy Tennis New Year”!

I can say for myself, it was very needed to be on the courts Friday exercising instead of saying “please pass another piece of pumpkin pie”!

The morning was questionable to say the least. Rain followed by total cloud cover looked to dampen our comeback. The Landings team was called by Beachview and told their courts would not be playable. Captains worked and moved the match time and place to the Landings and 16 great players had a great time. The first match completed was won by the Landings. Second match completed won by Beachview. Third match Beachview goes ahead and rallied in the fourth match in a third set super break to win and take the honors of a 3-1 victory.

The Vines hosted Pelican Landing to another nail biter. Not sure why most of the “kiss your sister” 2-2 ties always seem to happen to Captain Bill Dueease, but it happened again. Bill did get the last laugh though, sticking Pelican Captain Gary Engelhard with an $80.00 beer tab (don’t worry, if I had Gary’s money, I’d burn mine)!

Plantation hosted Lighthouse Bay for the third match of the day. All matches were great matches and the decision for the 3-1 victory went to Plantation in a 3rd set super break. Special thanks to Captain Dick Ransom for taking and providing photos.

We had 48 guys that enjoyed great tennis, not to mention the loads of fans. Great job, great playing and it’s great to be back on the courts. Good luck to all SWFTT members playing in the Super Senior Grand Prix this coming week.

Have fun, play tennis and remember, “It’s great being us”!

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Happy “Tennis” New Year

We at SWFTT hope all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Out last match before the holiday’s was met with some challenges on and off the court. Many leave for the holiday early so finding enough players is always a challenge but our open sub rule helps in most cases.

Beachview continues to roll right along posting a 3-1 victory over our friends at Pelican.

Lighthouse and CCRC kissed their sisters in a split match. Two courts went to a 3rd set tie break.

The Landings hosted Captain Bill Dueease and his team from The Vines. All matches were great matches except for the blow out on court 4. Team Matherly/Mohlman intimidated the Vines team to a no show so our team record improved with a big victory.

Court two between Landings team Carley/Shelfer and Vines team of Captain Dueease/Mcgrath went to a long 3rd set tie break. Dueease would have had a game point ace but as picture depicts, let out a Japanese war cry of “Bonsai” during the serve and was defaulted (just kidding).

We had a great time, pizza was served as teams stayed for the Pro League matches and toys were collected for the “Toys for Tots” foundation.

Great times with great tennis friends!

Happy “Tennis” New Year to all!

December 14, Pro League

Hello SWFTT members. Next Friday, the Landings will be hosting a day of tennis.

First we start with a SWFTT League match with the Landings team hosting the Vines. Afterwards the Pro League will have it’s final match of the year.

Bring a toy for the “Toys for Tots” foundation to give a kid a smile for the holiday season.

The Pro League matches begin at 3:00 and everyone is invited.

SWFTT Members Bring home 1st Place

Last week was a great week for SWFTT. First we had 48 League members playing great tennis. We had numerous fans watching this great tennis. We supported the economy by wearing out Penn and Wilson tennis balls and we consumed a great number of the drink of choice of men (brewsky’s).

Something a lot of you may not have noticed SWFTT was represented very well by 6 very good members at the Longboat Key Senior Clay Tournament.

The tournament started on Thursday, November 27 and finished on Sunday, December 2nd. The play included Men’s and Women’s singles and doubles starting with age bracket of 55 going up to 80. On the men’s side, there were 12 different events. SWFTT members won 3 of the 12 events and had 2 members reach the quarters of another event and 1 member make it to the Semi’s of the same division. I think it’s pretty cool that our guys brought home 25% of the 1st place winnings without having players playing in 4 of the age brackets. GREAT JOB GUYS!

To start with, SWFTT player Paul Veltman with partner Chuck Kinyon made it to the Quarter finals of the Men’s 65 doubles and lost to the number 1 seed.

SWFTT player Larry Albritton with partner Robert Dixon also made it to the Quarters in the same division only to lose in a three set thriller to another SWFTT member Mike Melnik and his partner Thomas La Penna. Unfortunately Mike and Thomas lost in the Semi’s.

SWFTT Team of Steve Shreiner and Howie Ames playing in the Men’s 60 Doubles Division played like superstars bringing home the 1st place title in that division. All matches were finished in two sets and Steve and Howie only gave up 16 games.

SWFTT member, Fred Drilling got the most “bling”. Taking 1st place honors in the Men’s 70 Singles and Men’s 70’s Doubles. Fred’s impressive play gave up only 23 games in total of both divisions for the tournament.

Guys, we’re proud of each of you. We’re glad we get to challenge you, learn from you, and be your friends. GREAT JOB!

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Match #3, Too Much Turkey!

Hello SWFTT fans and members. Our third match is behind us with some more great matches and great fun with tennis friends.

The Landings hosted Pelican Landings. The weather was perfect and the tennis on the courts was anyone’s for the taking. Too bad for the Landings team but Pelican took 3 courts and gave up only one which went to a third set tie break. Pelican has a group of great players and great guys.

Beachview hosted the Vines and took all four courts. Bill Dueease of the Vines was looking for help right up to the last minute as he was short on players. He picked up David Weber, whom we welcome to the League, and made his 8 player list just in time for the match.

CCRC hosted the team from Plantation. Plantation took 3 and gave up court number 2.

Teams are having Holiday issues along with some injuries with rosters. Just two more matches and 2012 will be no more for the SWFTT League. Hopefully when we start up after New Years we’ll be back on track.

Good luck next week and keep those feet moving!

November 16, 2012 Match

Hey Hey SWFTT’ers. Week two is over and another week of great matches.

Lighthouse Bay hosted the Landings team. What a bunch of great guys and great competitors. Lighthouse took 3 of the 4 matches but not without a battle. Court 1 battle between Lighthouse team Joe McAleer/Fred Drilling playing against Landings number 1 court of Steve Shreiner/Mike Barnes was as good as it gets. It went to the third set super break and we were on the sidelines wishing for them to play it out. Lighthouse did finally win but what a match it was.

Plantation hosted Pelican Landing and hosted a great match and also cooked hot dogs, served beer and cupcakes (Lighthouse take notes please)! Pelican won 3 matches but all 3 matches were third set super break wins.

Beachview played their first match of the season at Cape Coral Racquet Club. Beachview had roster issues only having 4 players available due to out of town and injuries. Vines team had a bye and was able to lend players so the match went on without a glitch. It’s great having the flexibility the League offers so teams can play tennis which is our number one goal. PLAY TENNIS!

Again, I would like to thank the Team Captains for the work they do and for the players making this fun and competitive League possible.

I hope all of you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving, remember our servicemen serving our country, and always give thanks for every day we have living the dream we live!

God Bless!

Capt. Blake

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November 9, 2012 Tennis Match



Our first match is behind us and I’ve haven’t heard of any broken bones. I did see some great tennis though!

After all the dust settled, we had two of the three matches split with 2-2 scores. It seems so far we have some very good parity on many of the teams.

The Landings hosted the Plantation team. Traveling all the way from the other side of I-75, they came prepared to battle. Plantation Captain’s Ransom and Natale first said they “just didn’t want to be embarrassed”. I think they were trying to set us up since they brought a group of great guys and great tennis players. For the most part, no hard feelings or bad calls we openly visible (only because I didn’t play). At the end of the day the match was a tie of 2 for the Landings and 2 for Plantation. Great job guys!

First Serve

The Vines hosted Cape Coral Racquet Club. Captain Dueease of the Vines and Stern of CCRC tried negotiating themselves to an advantage but the courts decided a tie of 2-2. Afterwards Captain Dueease was rumored to have run off with his sister or maybe it was Captain Mike’s sister. Who knows? Who cares?

Pelican Landings hosted Lighthouse Bay. Lighthouse Bay Captain Mishko brought his A team for an opening victory of 3-1. Captain Engelhard (always gracious) was spotted posting a sign on Mishko’s back saying “kick me”. Captain Engelhard did say his community had a large number of spectators watching the great tennis.

It’s over

I would like to thank everyone for the efforts in making this League possible and the level of great tennis that it is. I any of you know of anyone else that would like to play, have them contact me through the web site contact tab.

“Move forward, eyes on ball, contact point out in front and smile on your face”!

Capt. Blake

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Gentlemen, start your engines

Hello SWFTT members! Tomorrow, Friday the 9th is the first match of the new league. Let’s get out there, play some great tennis and have a great time. I hope you all enjoy the League.

Move forward, eyes on ball, contact out front and smile on your face!